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Have you, or someone you love suffered an injury or even died as a result of the fault of another? Don’t trust your case to just anyone. Whether a motor vehicle accident or a nursing home or hospital caused injury, choose wisely and choose the best!


Dealing with an insurance company can be one of the more frustrating things we will ever have to do . Insurance companies are noted for taking advantage of claimants because they don’t know their rights or the insurance company’s obligations under the law. If you depend on the insurance company to explain your rights or their legal obligations, chances are that simply will not happen. That is why it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. (See below for more detail.)


Strong/Martin is at the forefront in nursing home and hospital negligence. We fought the nursing home industry all the way to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and won, securing important rights for all Oklahoma Nursing Home residents. (See more below.)


A motor vehicle accident of any kind may have lasting financial, physical and emotional consequences for the victim(s). In most cases, besides the trauma of the accident itself, the victim or the victim’s family will have to deal with an insurance claim. An insurance company exists to make a profit for its shareholders. They will typically attempt to pay the lowest amount possible as early as possible to minimize the value of your claim and increase their profit margin. You are not their job – making a profit is their job! Strong/Martin is experienced at dealing with insurance adjustors and can prevent a client from being victimized a second time by an insurance company’s unethical or questionable business practices.

What to do in case of a motor vehicle accident?

1. Remain at the scene of the accident. It may be a criminal act to leave.
2. Exchange driver and insurance information.
3. If injured, seek medical treatment immediately. It may be several days before the injury fully manifests its symptoms.
4. DO NOT TALK to anyone about what caused the accident if you have a reasonable belief that you may have caused it.
5. DO NOT TALK to an insurance adjustor before securing legal representation. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you give a recorded statement to an insurance company.
6. Protect your interests and rights by contacting an attorney as soon as possible.


Oklahoma has a reputation for poor quality care of nursing home residents. The neglect, abuse and exploitation of a loved one, particularly one who must depend upon others for normal activities of daily living and medical care, is inexcusable. Yet, it happens in Oklahoma every day. If your loved one’s behavior and persona changes suddenly, there might be a reason.

Watch out for these warning signals:

Physical Abuse

Frequent injuries such as bruises, cuts, black eyes or burns.
Frequent complaints of pain without obvious injury.
Falls and bone fractures to any part of the body.
Passive, withdrawn, or emotionless behavior.
Lack of reaction to pain.
Reports of physical abuse.
Unexplained foul odors.


Obvious malnutrition (unexplained weight loss) and dehydration.
Lack of personal cleanliness.
Habitually dressed in torn or dirty clothes.
Constantly hungry.
In need of medical/dental care.
Left unattended for long periods of time.
Reports of neglect.

Most nursing home injuries are the result of falls. Falls can prove fatal. For example, a broken hip can easily result in the death of an elderly individual. Poor medical treatment of an injury can lead to bed sores, infections, gangrene and death.

The suffering of a loved one caused by a preventable bed sore is unacceptable, but Oklahoma leads the country in resident bedsores in the nursing home population. Bed sores can be prevented in most cases. The proper treatment of bed sores is critical. Without treatment, or treated improperly, a bed sore can lead to dangerous and life threatening infections such as Cellulitis and Sepsis.

Call Strong/Martin should you have any questions regarding suspected nursing home negligence or abuse. We have been practicing nursing home law for over fifteen years with notable success.
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